Baby Child 14


Londyn, De'Zire, Da'Amani, Kayla & Nevaeh Odens-Young


It was a glorious day in heaven! Jesus rounded up five of His special angels, Londyn, De’zire, Da’ Amani, Kayla and Nevaeh. “I have a special assignment for you”, He told them. “I have a son and daughter there on earth whose hearts’ desire has been to have a baby. This time, I have decided to send them five beautiful babies that only they could treasure. “You see, the number 5 symbolizes God's grace, goodness and favor and with you, you will bring them some “fruits of the spirit”. The angels, excited for their new assignment, smiled and cheered, then Jesus said , “but here’s the catch;  you all won’t be with them long”. The angels stood around, puzzled by this final statement. De’zire, being the more feisty of the bunch, clears her throat and asks “Well Father, if we won’t be with them long, won’t this hurt them? You did say they were trying to have a baby. How does this demonstrate grace, goodness or favor?”  My child, the Lord replied, this story, is one of love, strength and hope. You see, they are so very special to me. Because of their love and faith in me, they continue to walk this journey and this is their testimony. They will spread that message to all who will be blessed enough to cross their path. Their testimony will give hope to those who waiver in their faith and have given up hope”. De’zire eagerly shouts out “Whatever we can do to restore a sense of hope to such a troubled world as that one…”, they all chimed in “count us in Lord”. We only have one request, De’zire continued, “that we have the honor of meeting them, to be held by them, that they may see and feel our love for them as we know their love for us. “It is so”, the Lord replied.

On November 20, 2018, the gates of heaven were opened, Parnell Young and Shenavia Odens learned they were yet to expect a great bundle of joy! After eight weeks of strong anticipation, they learned, there wasn’t just one, two or even three bundles of joy, but five incredible and beautiful miracles! Although created in love, the rest of their time together did not come without it’s challenges. Through the difficult times, a bond of a lifetime was established and nurtured. As they grew and developed Londyn, De’zire, Da’Amani , Kayla and Nevaeh were able to hear the voices of their earthly family, Mother, Shenavia and Father, Parnell; Grandmother, Ila; aunties, Danyeal, Nitasha, Shigona, Myla, Shimeka and Britney and cousins Tatianna, Sa’rah, Tamiah and Makiah.

A last!  The time had come where they would enter this world and meet their parents and extended family who they had come to know and love. Knowing their time here would be brief and they were soon to return home to the Lord, they awaited with eager anticipation.

On March 9, 2019, their journey on earth began.  Londyn was born at 10:05AM and with her she brought the fruit of love, unspeakable love. De’zire would make her grand entrance at 2:37PM and with her, she brought the fruit of joy, a sheer gladness and delight.  In the wee morning hours of March 10, 2019, Da’ Amani arrived at 12:27AM and brought with her the fruit of peace, a peace the world did not give and thus cannot take away. At 12:30 AM, Kayla would grace us with her angelic presence and with her came the fruit of gentleness, a tender and compassionate touch, even in the midst of uncertainty. Last to shine her light upon this world was Nevaeh. Nevaeh arrived at 12:33AM and with her, she brought the fruit of faithfulness, a physical and spiritual manifestation of the love in which they were created. Their mission was complete and it was time to go home.

Jesus sent His finest chariot down to carry them back to heaven and as they boarded the chariot one by one, they were sure to leave a lasting impression upon this world through those who loved them so. They softly whispered, “until we meet again…” .

Upon their arrival in heaven, they were greeted by….Their two older siblings and grandmother Celeste along with two grandfathers, Louis and Parnell Sr. who had had a special place already laid out for them. Once they returned, each sister looked at one another, slightly puzzled and a bit confused. Finally Kayla asked the Lord and stated....I looked at everyone and noticed sadness as we left, why did we have to leave.... my dear child, yes, there would be some sadness naturally,  but you see, they have all seen and from this their faith, strength, and love for me and each other will be even stronger, you see they now have proof, solid proof that I am the Lord their God and that Angels do exist. Now, go to sleep my children you've done well. I am proud of you.

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